Welcome to WISKING IT ALL, where we interview hospitality professionals who put everything on the line to do what they do, and we try to understand how and why?

Contrary to most businesses the hospitality business is mainly made up of people who are passionate about their trade. Not many people go into it for the money but go into it for the passion of delivering a unique customer experience.

Recent Episodes

S1E10 - Being an industry multipotentialite with Teresa Cesario

April 6, 2021

Teresa is an enthusiastic maven of the Food & Beverage industry for over 12 years. A highly creativ…

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Feb. 9, 2021

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S1E8 - From the Beverage to the Cannabis Industry with Drew Cesario

Feb. 3, 2021

This week, we chat with Drew Cesario, VP of Branded Sales at NorCal Cannabis. We spoke about how th…

Guest: Drew Cesario

S1E7 - From a touring artist to a first time bar owner with Daniel Gonzalez owner of The Cleat

Jan. 26, 2021

On our first episode of 2021, we chat with Daniel Gonzalez, one of the partners at Boater’s Grill a…


S1E5 - How to disrupt the ready to drink space with Tuan Lee

Dec. 15, 2020

This week with Tuan Lee we dive deep in how a team of 4 people are disrupting the ready to drink co…